While we don’t currently have any advertised vacancies, we’re always on the look out for new staff and love hearing from people who are interested in working with us!


Please read all of this information before contacting us about employment.


If you haven’t yet seen what kind of experiences we provide for our customers, then you should absolutely watch these two videos (put together by a previous guest). It might change your mind about contacting us (hopefully from ambivalence to determination!).



What do we look for in someone who is looking to join our team?

  • Maturity, patience and good manners.
  • High level interpersonal skills
  • Excellent English language skills – written and spoken
  • A very high level of technical ability in abseiling, rock climbing, canyoning and bushwalking
  • Broad experience in abseiling, climbing, canyoning and bushwalking locations in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area
  • A demonstrated track record of and commitment to ongoing personal professional development
  • A genuine love of and care for the Australian bush and wilderness
  • Absolute integrity
  • A passion to share the activities and locations with others


*Please note: we do not hire travellers who are only in the Blue Mountains or Australia for a short time. We are committed to sustainable local employment and the health of our community and the local economy. All of our staff live long term in or around the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

*Please also note: we do not employ people who only specialise in rock climbing. All of our staff need to be skilled (or working towards skills) across all four of the activities we provide: abseiling, rock climbing, canyoning and bushwalking.


Our business values are:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Continuous improvement
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • And the fact that we care


Whilst qualifications are a must for all of our senior guides, we are willing to work with the right people to assist them on a pathway to getting formal qualifications.
Specific Qualifications that an ideal candidate would hold:

  • A Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation with skill specialisations in guiding multi pitch abseiling, multi pitch canyoning, multi pitch lead climbing on natural surfaces (trad), and bushwalking in unmodified terrain (or equivalents)
  • A bronze medallion or swift water technician qualification (or equivalents)
  • A first aid qualification that is appropriate for operating in remote and/or wilderness locations (greater than 4 hours from medical assistance)
  • A light rigid (LR) NSW Driver’s Licence (or equivalent)


Please note that whilst we love hearing about where you’ve canyoned around the world, and we may be quite impressed by what grades you can climb, and stories from the amazing expeditions you have been on are very inspiring, we are actually far more interested in other things. We’d actually love to hear that you worked at McDonalds and know how to work in a team, hold down a normal job and can actually wash dishes. We also like knowing that you can bring other skills from your previous career as a graphic designer, or that before you dropped out of university you managed to complete some studies in Front Line Management. We also actually care about who you are as a person so would love for you to tell us about your passions, your goals, and why you thought to contact us in the first place.

If you’ve read this far – that’s awesome! The best way to start a conversation with us is to send an email to [email protected] and include 3 things: a cover letter, a photo of yourself, and a CV (resume). In the subject line of the email write your full name and your favourite colour.