Temperatures in the winter can drop below zero – we even get snow from time to time! In general the weather is stable and cold, with mists that usually lift throughout the day. It can be hard to get out of bed, but winter days provide perfect conditions for chasing the sun on climbing adventures and exploring dry canyons.


As the days get cooler, abseiling is a great way to escape the shade of the valleys and see the Blue Mountains from a different perspective. An intermediate abseiling adventure will get the heart pumping on a frosty morning.


Canyoning in the Blue Mountains isn’t just for summer. In the winter, explore some of the less travelled but equally spectacular ‘dry’ canyons.


Rock climbing
Winter is the perfect time to explore the world class climbing on our sun-soaked sandstone cliffs. Climbing in the sun is one of the best ways to warm up.


A hike on a cool winter’s day means we’re able to tackle bigger hills and walk on exposed ridges without overheating, accessing some of the most dramatic country across the Blue Mountains. Of course we’ll always choose a hike that based on your interests, experience, abilities and the weather.