Family Adventures

Group experiences for adults and children


At BMAC we love to work with young adventurers, and we can cater to participants as young as 6. To ensure they get the most out of their day, we recommend booking a private trip.


When you book a private trip we can modify the itinerary to ensure that everyone has a fantastic day out. This might mean custom start and finish times, extra breaks through the day and last minute changes.


Introductory abseiling and rock climbing are suitable for intrepid youngsters 6 years and older. We also have a handful of canyons that may be appropriate for participants under 13.


We have no definite cut off age, but consider each group on a case-by-case basis to ensure the safety of the participants and the quality of their experience.


Generally our policy for public trips is as follows:

  • Introductory: 13 and over
  • Intermediate: 15 and over
  • Advanced: 18 or over

Contact us to find out more.