invite only canyoning

Our Invite Only Canyoning Adventures are just that: invite only. They are extremely long, hard days in wilderness locations involving extensive technical rope work and remoteness from medical assistance. Participants must have completed at least two of our Advanced Canyon Adventures and have an invite extended to them by one of our senior guides.

Kanangra Falls Canyon

One of the most impressive canyons in the Kanangra area. This challenging and spectacular trip has 12 abseils, a few of which are very wet. The first half of the descent involves abseiling beside and through a massive 150 metre waterfall. After this, we continue down a gradually narrowing gorge with many more abseils, swims, tricky scrambles and one of the most spectacular waterfall abseils imaginable. A few waterjumps and lunch in the sun are the last bits of fun before the walk out and up the aptly named “Murdering Gully”. A physically challenging and extremely rewarding trip Kanangra Falls is available to select groups only. INVITE ONLY (includes dinner the night before for those who would like it)

 $405 per person incl. GST Private group departures available.


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