Claustral (27)

Independent Canyoning Instruction

We are pleased to announce our exciting new partnership with the Blue Mountains Climbing School.

We are working together to provide technical rope training for canyoners, climbers and abseilers in the Blue Mountains.

If you’re interested in heading out on your own canyon adventures, exploring new places and staying out of trouble while you’re at it, then you’re invited to join us!  Our instructors are keen canyoners with years of canyon guiding experience under their belts, and they love sharing their knowledge and expertise.

During this course you’ll cover the essential roping and anchor skills you need to keep (or get!) yourself out of trouble in Blue Mountains canyons. The first four days you’ll be on the cliff learning how to ascen a rope, improvise descenders and back-up systems for abseiling. You’ll also learn advanced rope skills like how to set up top-belays, rescues and hauls, so you can lead groups of less experienced people into canyons.

During the final 2 days it all comes together in the canyons as you put your new skills into practice negotiating tricky obstacles, assessing anchors and backing-up and testing anchors that leave a little to be desired.

All equipment including helmets, harnesses, wetsuits, backpacks, dry bags and ropes is provided.

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